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No More Loraz and pill counting

Posted Jul 31 2009 8:05pm
Quiet few days while my mood continues to snow dive. Haven't been leaving house or changing clothes accept where neccesary which is a bad sign.
Care co-ordinator came round on tuesday and we talked about contraception as I can't be on ~Depakote without anything permanent. I think they prob would be happiest if I was sterilised like they used to do in the fifties. I was then given some time with the shrink on wednesday only I fell asleep and was late. I have been falling asleep in the day a lot, reasons being I am getting little sleep at night and that I am taking Lorazepam in the day to stop the thoughts which are coming back, thoughts that I am evil and crap and not worthy of life. And so the Loraz leave me in a semi state of conciousness where I forget what I have discussed with people after they have left. The Psychiastrist is stopping the Lorazepam for Diazepam not sure it will help me as much and I have a nice stack of sleeping pills which I no longer use as ineffective just put away for eventualities.
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