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No, it’s not okay

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:01pm

*disclaimer* I’m not saying every overweight person has an eating disorder any more than all thin people do; but dammit…just stop.


and it’s NOT a compliment.

I. Was. Mortified.

I just got home and I am venting:

I was in line at the store.

It is NOT OKAY for anyone, much less a casual acquaintance to come up to someone and say in front of people ( exact words-no “hello” first):

“Hey girl, I’m comin over to your house with a knife and cut some of this off of me(grabs her side gut) and give it to you…you get much smaller you’re gonna blow away”

HOLY CRAP. What kind of fuckery was that?!

Me: (looking down at me feet as usual) “No I’m not”   I mean really, WTF does one say to that?

oh *I’m gonna* <—- as Err would say Go there

How about this?

“Hey girl, looks like you’re pushin maximum density, how about I come over to your house and cut some of that fat off of you…and transplant it onto me?  I think I’ll start with some new boobies. You get any fatter….you may as well just give up the whole clothes thing and get on down to Gander Mountain and buy yourself a tent”

It’s NOT OKAY. Neither one is okay! They’re the same thing.

Unfortunately “you eat like a bird, you’re gonna blow away, put some meat on those bones” evidently are socially acceptable sayings.  Acceptable enough that many people say them in public in front of others.  Try saying this at a family dinner, “You eat like a pig” I’ll bet that wouldn’t go over very well.

Anyway, I beat it the hell outta there and got into my car; and while I sat there and shook, this ran through my head:

” Hello? It is 75 degrees and I’m wearing a long sleeved fleeced jacket over a shirt!  cover my arms…they’re ugly Does she know how long it takes me to get ready to be presentable enough to leave the house on days like today when I cannot wear winter stuff?! BITCH….“Get any smaller”…omg how fat did I look the last time she saw me?! I’m so fuckin disgusting I shouldn’t leave the house”

On top of the humiliation, it had done  my head in. (momentarily)*

On my drive home, I got to thinking about “body acceptance” and all that crap…..and some of us know of those places. (here’s where I got pissed off)*

The other end of the spectrum are fair game to some of them, aren’t we?

It seems there is a monopoly on body acceptance.  The only politically correct “acceptance” is of those who are overweight.  They’ve always been that way, they eat normally (please define), it runs in the family, they don’t just sit around, they have an acceptance movement….. The list goes on.

It just seems that sometimes the justifications for one are twisted and used as accusations towards the other. She’s been anorexic all her life, they never eat, eating disorders run in the family,  they over exercise, they encourage each other….. Fill in the blank.

I’m sick and tired of it and calling bullshit.

“Always been this way” Oh please….tell me another one.  Takes one to know one….. “I’m not feeling well, I’ve already eaten, no thank you” …. You see, I’ve always been this way too.

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