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My mom....nursing home.....

Posted Jun 18 2009 11:17pm
Well, my mom was discharged from the hospital yesterday. All the tests came up negative, so they figured she was ready to go to "rehab". Only the nursing home folks came by and determined that my mom was too confused for "rehab", so last night she moved into a long term care bed at the nursing home. Could be temporary. Supposedly, anyhow.

Yesterday she told me that someone came to her hospital room and told her that my DH had passed away. I told her it was probably just a bad dream, because I knew that my DH was fine. She just worried and worried about it, and wouldn't stop worrying about it, until I had DH go to the hospital to show her that he was fine.

So then, she decided that she had heard wrong, and that it was probably my brother that had died. But then she talked to him on the phone. We had about a dozen more conversations about how dreams can seem real, but it was probably just a bad dream, and then I went home for a few minutes. When I got back, she was upset because it must have been her brother who died. I thought we had it covered, but she just wouldn't let it go.

Then, at the nursing home, she started in again. Only the nursing home didn't know what was going on, so they helped her call me once, and then they called me to get her brother's number. I told them that he would probably expect my mom to be rational and we should not call him right now. So they said they would just reassure her. Then, DH went to visit her, and she told him he was dead. All of this is just so crazy, you can't talk to her at all, she's so wound up over whatever it is that she's worrying about at the time....I haven't been sleeping well, because I am so worried. But I had to get back to work, I can't use all my vacation time right now, because I might need it more later. But I sure want to.

In the meantime, DH has been going to visit her, which is nice, and he only turns into "That Guy" once in a while...but nothing at all is getting done at home, and I wish either I had time to do it, or that he or DD would actually lift a finger :-(
Well, maybe with my mom at the nursing home now, there'll be a little more time to get things done. I hope so!
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