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My grandaughter is she in danger???

Posted by Paulette

My grandaughter lives w/ her mother who has been diagnosed with bipolar some yrs ago. She refuses to admit that she has it and with not take meds for disease. When my son has visitataion w/ his 11 yr old she throws fits I mean terrible fits . So bad one time my son put her in the car and sat in front of a hospital but she kicks and screams and hits him and so he'll drive with her till she falls asleep. In the car he feels she is safer than in the house because she will lock herself in rm and he is afraid of what she might do if she is out of his sight.

mother has lied to the courts and my son has brought in proof of her hospital stays and when she was hospitalized for trying to take her life. The courts won't acknowledge (go figure) because of patient confidetialality. My son fears for his daughters safety. He does not have the funds to keep fighting in court it has already cost him over $300000 in fighting, it nuts . The courts sure would have done something if it were he that had it they always sway towards the woman. I can't tell what he has been through with her......

Is there someone out there that can give us advise in the matter.????

Worried Grandma

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