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My eyes - They are wonky.

Posted Aug 11 2008 9:05pm

So I went to the optician today and it turns out that yes, I do need glasses. I’ve not gone short-sighted, though. Which, really, you’d think would be the obvious thing for my eyes to do given that I spend much of my time at a computer screen. No, it turns out that I’m slightly long-sighted. So presumably, what has been happening is that I do lots of close-up work, strain my eyes and everything goes blurry. I also have a slight degree of astigmatism. So my eyes don’t focus properly anyway.

I’m wondering if this is why I don’t read much any more. I’m better with my computer, but I tend to increase the size of the text quite a lot. I also sit a long way back from it usually.

The machine that blows air at your eye to check its internal pressure - I did not like it.

So I shall be getting myself some glasses. I picked out some frames that seem to suit me. This was more difficult than I thought it would be. It came down to some kind of zero-ing in operation, where I was initially trying out frames that really didn’t suit me at all (it turns out that a heavy frame with round lenses looks awful on me) until at the end I had three different pairs of frames that I was swapping and comparing (thin frames with a more rectangular lens). Unfortunately the particular one that I chose was out of stock, so they’re ordering some more in and will give me a call when they’ve actually got them. I only have to wear them when I’m doing close stuff I have to concentrate on, but in practical terms this means most of my day.

It’ll sure be nice to see stuff clearly again.

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