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My best kept secret...well from most of you

Posted Aug 17 2013 10:08pm
After my mother died in 2005, I have been on a mission to do the things that she wanted me to do while she was alive. To make her proud even in death...which is how I really came to be married but that's another story. The point is, I started my LL.b after A levels and then dropped out because for the life of me I just could not pass one course (three years in a row). It was always her wish for me to go back and finish it. So fast forward to 2010 when I re-applied to the University of London and as of Thursday 15th August 2013, I am now the holder of an LL.b. I did it! It took me a while to get back to it but I did and this time, I went right through and completed the degree and I am proud of me and I'm sure she would be too. This was an early birthday present to myself. I told myself that I had to get this done before my years rounded off again and well here I am a month before my birthday (well a few weeks really) and I have achieved my goal. For a while there I did not think I would. Depression hit big time and it hit hard and it was all I could do to get up and study, let alone anything else. I honestly did not think that I would pass any of my subjects and had been preparing myself to repeat one if not all four. In retrospect had I not come off of my meds or even been a good girl and gone back to my doctor sooner...or even did not delay in going back on meds once I had the prescription in hand I may have done better, come away with higher marks. But you know what? to hell with that, I have my first degree and noone can take that away from me. This was for you as much as it was for me. This was for us and I shall go on. I'm not going to stop now. Two more years and I should have another three letters after my name.
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