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Mostly Good Stuff

Posted Nov 18 2008 3:21pm

There’s a lot going on at the moment, most of it good. So this is how life is meant to be? I had no idea.

Over the last few weeks I’ve become more involved with my voluntary work. I volunteer in a Victorian cemetery. It’s not actually used as a cemetery now, though we still have lots of graves. We have a huge amount of data regarding the 80,000-ish people who were buried in the cemetery over its century-and-half of active use, so I’m focusing on leveraging this data in interesting ways and making it much more searchable. This isn’t a purely altruistic thing - it’ll look good on my C.V. in a couple of years when I start applying for IT jobs. But mainly I’m doing it because it’s useful and interesting.

The other side of the volunteer work tends to involve a lot of clambering over gravestones in areas of the cemetery not open to the public because of health-and-safety concerns. By the time it was closed, the cemetery wasn’t exactly well-maintained, so many of the graves and tombstones have collapsed. It’s unexpectedly fun, but I need better shoes.

I keep waking up before my alarm goes off.

On Friday I have a follow-up appointment with the therapy service. I’m hoping it’ll be with the therapist I actually worked with, although it could be her supervisor. It’d be nice to be able to tell my therapist that I’ll be going back to work the following Monday and it’s all part of a bigger plan (a sensible, attainable and well-planned plan at that) that gets my life to where I want it to be. My life is so much better than it’s ever been. It’s so different being part of things, having goals, being able to work towards them, being able to connect with people without needing to be on the defensive constantly. So it’d be nice to be able to tell me therapist all this directly. After all, I owe much of it to her. (The medications help as well. Three weeks and the melatonin is still working.)

Life’s busy. In fact I’m suprisingly busy for someone who isn’t actually in paid work yet. The dental stuff should be finished in a couple of weeks. I’ve saved the best for last and my wisdom tooth is coming out in just under two weeks time. A few days after that I get to go and give a sperm sample to check whether I am, in fact, fertile or not. I’m not really worried about the result - I just want to know one way or the other.

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