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Mental Health Care System. The Ball is in the Patient's Court..

Posted Oct 18 2011 6:22am
I was diagnosed, given a label, started treatment, whatever you like to call it, with Bipolar Disorder in 2010.
I have had many different psychiatrists up the coast of California.  My reason's for changing doctors are usually due to insurance or relocation.

I know the frustration of finding  a doctor you really connect with.  It is difficult to find, in he minimal minutes generally spent in their office each visit, a doctor you feel truly listens to your very own unique situation.  This is so crucial when it comes to the prescription of medication.

Ideally, the same doctor over a number of years would be optimum.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  We can try hard, but we can't always be perfect.

We often hear the analogy that suggests comparing Bipolar Disorder to any other illness, like Diabetes.

I would like to suggest we also use this analogy when comparing the maitenance  of our health.
It may be necessary to change doctors, change therapists, change medication, and even change your lifestyle.  

If we are not as pro-active about out health as we can be, how can continue to blame the system.

Of course I am aware the Mental Health Care System is flawed.  We can't wait for someone to come and free us before ending our journey for peace.

Mom, Interrupted 
Mercurial Mind Bipolar Blog

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