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*Men* are from another planet... or solar system...

Posted May 31 2010 7:53pm
Help me understand...

Why do SO SO SO many dudes/guys/men think so freakin' highly of themselves?!?!

I am truly mystified.

While I am far from cocky, the overall consensus is that I am an attractive female. I'm a brick-house with a pretty face.

(After I was called a brick-house for the first time I really did have to use Urban Dictionary to look up the meaning, and it is quite fitting actually. Are there better looking chicks out there? You bet. And in better shape (more on my gym adventures later)? Yes.
Nonetheless, I'm not a fugly creature.

Moving on.

I was at Walmart this evening after work, which is probably the worst time in the world to go. Looking for the correct headlight bulbs for my truck, an associate came up to see if I needed help. I told him I was fine and finding all I needed. Well this gentleman with gold front teeth took that as a cue to spend the next 5 minutes trying to convince me that I should give him my number, and being freakishly insistent about the whole thing. I remained polite (not too sure how that happened) and kindly explained "NO". He kept at it, including calling after me as I walked away. Freakin' bizarre. I gave a heads up to a manager as I left the place. I walked out shaking my head. This dude was not attractive. At all. And he was so convinced that I should get together with him, and insisted I owed him a reason as to why I said "no".

Males with the attitude of "females owe me an explanation" royally piss me off. I don't know this guy. And he thinks I need to explain myself to him.


Where the hell does this warped sense of confidence and entitlement come from?? I don't get it. I really don't. And it pisses me off more than a little.

My most recent "special" friend. We haven't hooked up in a few months because of schedule issues (he proposes a time, it doesn't work for me because of work schedules, then I give an alternate that doesn't work for him). Today he sent what I kinda interpreted as a "threat", saying that he's about to give up asking me to get together since I'm never available. Well now... this guy is attractive (male-model dude, smokin' hot) and I'm certain is used to girls falling all over him. However, I'm not that girl. He is just as unavailable for my schedule as I am for his.

1) Why exactly is HIS schedule the one that is in control and mine is subordinate?! Yeah I don't think so there buddy.

2) *I* am the one to miss out by no longer having the opportunity to get naked with *him*, and therefor I should open up my availability?! Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.

Yeah I'm not a big fan of dudes that are in love with themselves. I got over that fad when I divorced the ex (he had a little problem with narcissism). People like that repulse me.
But he's good in the sack. So... do I deal with the annoyances of his self-love for the sake of good naked time? Or cut it off all together?

Hmmm... well when I'm primed and ready to go, I don't care if the guy is obnoxious or not, as long as he can do nice things to my fun-parts. It's not like we are trying to have a conversation during the activities. I'm not all cold-hearted. See, I have two modes: one for the beneficial friends, and one for men I am romantically involved with. With beneficial friends I am a feeling-less nymph. With romantic mates, I am an emotionally in-touch, loving, nymph.

Oh my, well speak of the devil... just received a text, suggesting a time tomorrow that falls within the time-constraints I set forth today after I was ticked off. Since I have been super crazy horny lately... I am thinking I am going to be thinking with my girl-parts and treat myself to a lovely lunch break tomorrow afternoon. Really, I'm doing it to help my co-workers, because I'll come back to work in a better mood...

Yeah I'm a helper like that.

Back to what I was saying earlier about dudes being crazy over-confident. An ex-current-ex co-worker has been hitting on me off and on for the past five years. He doesn't have his shit together, is in a self-proclaimed "shitty" marriage, has an out-of-control kid, and lots of other drama. He has liked this girl for a super long time. He's the needy/clingy type and is IN LOVE with texting. We worked together at the same place where I met J; after I moved to another state with J he *still* would text me, even though I would never respond. Three years later, up until the time I changed my number. Then he came to my current store for a couple months. Like a good idiot, I sent him a message while both on the clock because I needed to coordinate the delivery of appliances to the repair shop with his drivers ASAP. I didn't think this decision all the way through. Now dude is back to texting LIKE A CRAZY PERSON.

It's nuts. I ignore him, then tell him I'm not a big text fan (which is a lie, because I despise talking on the phone). His solution: suggest we meet for lunch and hang out. He admits he is in this same shitty marriage and that he wants out... and hopes this doesn't bother me. WTF. Pardon me Dude, but NO. I'm not trying to date you. I haven't wanted to for the past five years and not a damn thing has changed. Additionally, I am in no way, shape, or form, remotely attracted to you. So piss off.

Unlike the Walmart dude from this early-evening, I had my wits about me tonight and knew just what to say to get ex-current-ex co-worker to leave me the hell alone: "I am involved with someone". As you may know, this is a flat out lie. I am as non-involved with someone as I can possible be. However, lying in this case is a sanctioned move due to the extenuating circumstances.

My main question remains: How do so many guys get such over-inflated egos?? It's ridiculous. People think I'm attractive, and funny, smart, etc etc etc, but I sure as hell don't march around thinking I am entitled to every guy within a 50 foot radius. I am humble when it comes to dating and match-making, quite so really. As I may have mentioned before, I am a bull-dog in other situations such as work, academic, and many social situations. I don't back down. I don't take shit from anyone. I stand my ground and 99% of the time will not budge when I know I'm right (that other 1% is saved for the situations when it benefits me to let someone think they have "won" and that I backed down, every now and then this course of action provides the most long-term benefit). But romantically, I am shy and nervous. A completely different creature than when I am doing my usual stuff.

Damn I am rambling. I need to get some sleep as I have to be up early tomorrow.

Ahhh toodles...

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