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Memo to the angry white guys who didnt get the memo on Election night

Posted Nov 16 2012 1:45am

You lost…..

Having a louder volume than anyone else does not mean there are more of you.  Regardless of what our friends at Fox news tell us….

I really wonder if most of the credit for Obama’s win does not go to you.  Rather or not people were passionate about what he was serving you made it look like it tasted a lot better than the alternative.

I listen to all the secession nonsense and to some of the incredible excuses that Republicans have offered and am left with one strong impression.  You dont believe in democracy.  Every failure is a conspiracy.  Every rebuff is because people were bought off.  You are even the victim of the weather.  You dont believe that anyone could have honorable, credible reasons for not liking you or your views.  Democracy is simple.  Whatever the most people agree with and whoever the most people agree with wins.  You didnt convince enough people and until you realize that you and not they are the problem I think you might get the same memo next election.

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