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Medisave use for Bipolar Disorder in Singapore beginning 1 November 2011

Posted Oct 30 2011 11:28pm
There are some good news for people undergoing treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Singapore !

From 1 November 2011, sufferers of bipolar disorder will be able use their Medisave funds to cover the costs of outpatient treatment.

Medisave (Chinese: 保健储蓄) is a national medical savings account system for Singaporeans. The system allows Singaporeans to put aside part of their income into a Medisave account to meet future personal or immediate family's hospitalization, day surgery and for certain outpatient expenses. This Medisave is part of every employee's contribution to the Singapore Central Provident Fund (CPF) every month.

The Health Ministry (MOH) of Singapore has just announced the extension of the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) to 2 mental illnesses - dementia and bipolar disorder. It was first mentioned at this year's Health Budget in March.

The CDMP was launched in 2006 to allow Medisave funds to be used in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders and stroke. Over the past three years, more chronic illnesses, such as major depression and schizophrenia, were added to the list. The inclusion of bipolar disorder and dementia brings the number of diseases covered under the programme to a total of 10.

The extension of the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) will help the reduction of out-of-pocket expenses and make treatment more affordable for Singaporeans who live with such conditions.

Similarly, the Primary Care Partnership Scheme (PCPS) , where needy elderly patients can see their general practitioner (GP) at polyclinic rates, will similarly be extended to include bipolar disorder and dementia.

The Ministry of Health says this will make it more affordable for Singaporeans to manage the conditions and also avoid unnecessary complications and hospitalisation.

In addition, the amount of Medisave that can be used for treatment of chronic illnesses will be increased from $300 to $400 per Medisave account per year with effect from next year ie 1 January 2012.

It will go a long way in helping the low- and middle-income in seeking treatment for these chronic illnesses, either for themselves or for their loved ones with the conditions."

For full report, read StraitsTimes , AsiaOne and ChannelNewsAsia .

Thank God that I can serve our Lord through this blog. It is solely by God's grace that I am able to cope better with this condition since my diagnosis of bipolar disorder in 2007. I was interviewed by Straits Times Singapore in January 2011 this year regarding Bipolar Blog in Singapore on how blogging helped me to cope with Bipolar Disorder. I posted about it here . Thank God that the article has helped some of my readers.

Thank God that I was interviewed again by Straits Times Singapore in March 2011 this year regarding this report on the approval of the usage of Medisave for the outpatients treatment of bipolar disorder when MOH first announced that Medisave has been approved for use in treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Singapore. I posted about it here . Through the interview I have the opportunity to share some of my concerns regarding bipolar disorder in Singapore. It is sad that there is still a lot of ignorance, misunderstanding and terrible stigma associated with bipolar disorder and depression in Singapore. Like others with this neurological condition, I too feel that much can be done to raise awareness of this condition so that more compassion and understanding can be extended to us. I suggested in the interview that employers could be urged not to discriminate against mental patients. I also suggested that employers be offered financial perks if they allow extended time off, or shorter and flexible working hours for employees with mental illnesses.

Hopefully in future, there will be more acceptance and help for this condition and other mental health condition in Singapore.

How time flies! Tomorrow is November 1. Here is a simple homemade November 2011 Calendars that I made. Making homemade gifts are therapeutic hobbies for me in coping with bipolar disorder.

Do feel free to download and make this homemade 2011 November Calendars for yourself or your family and friends.

To download this Free Printable November 2011 Calendar, place cursor on the picture, click at the picture for a bigger image, right click mouse and choose “save image as”.

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