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Me in a Musical

Posted Jul 15 2010 12:00am

Let’s admit it. We have all pictured ourselves in one of our favorite musicals. Whether it is a movie attraction or my favorite, a theatrical performance, we consider ourselves as one or more of the characters. I have always believed I could be Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz. I can’t sing. At all. But I can still dream.

Being bipolar sometimes means we forget about our dreams. Along with our fears, we believe nothing great can happen to us. We are victim to a terrible condition that does not want to let go of us. You don’t just get over being bipolar like a cold. There is no surgery to repair it. Only medication and therapy bring relief to the symptoms. When my symptoms are more than my medication can handle, I stop dreaming. I am like Dorothy at the start of the movie. Everything I see is colored like the sepia tones at the beginning of the picture. When everything is working (the medication and therapy) my view is different and my dreaming contues.

We can’t stop dreaming. All we need is one idea or one question. Our life will then continue. The musical keep’s playing.

Here’s my question: How did Dorothy hang on to Toto during that tornado?

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