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Manic Auditory Hallucinations?

Posted by valcingetorix

I am bipolar I manic-depressive, rapid-cycling. My mother was Manic-Depressive with psychotic features. My manias have cause great damage to my life and those around me. But to the best of my memory, I've never been psychotic. These past few days I've been spiralling up a lot. On one particular day it became very intense, so much energy I felt like I would explode. Couldn't sit down, had to keep moving, etc. It was not a euphoric high but an uncomfortable variety. Anyway, that night, my mind would not stop zooming, though I tried to lay down and relax. A few minutes later I thought I heard my 12 year old daughter crying, as if she were a few feet away. And at that moment, in my mind's eye, I saw her standing in her room, sobbing, holding out her arm with her severed hand missing and blood everywhere. I was obviously shook up very much. I checked on her and she was sound asleep. I went back to bed, and after a few minutes, and I was still wired, I heard a large bang. I sat up and shouted "what the hell was that." My wife had not yet gone to sleep and she said she heard nothing at all (I did not tell her of my horrible vision). I take these happenings to be minor hallucinations coming along with my extremely manic high. What do you think?
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As in your other question, I think you're right. Do you have a psychiatrist? Do you take meds? Perhaps you could see about getting your meds adjusted. My manic episodes have also been rapid-cycling, and I rarely would get a euphoric high. They're most likely to be very agitated or mixed with depression. I can't really address hallucinations, though because I don't remember having any.
Thanks for your answer. I do have a psychiatrist and am on meds. Of course, meds have limitations for most of us. My psychiatrist explained to me that totally random thoughts that burst into existence, that do not feel as though I "own" the thought, is a psychotic feature called "thought insertion." It happens to me when extremely depressed and high. I never knew these were a first order symptom of psychosis. I also have delusions when in a mixed episode. Anyway, at least I don't think I'm a bird and jump of the roof to prove it!

Thank goodness for that!


Take care.

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