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Mania, Madness, Heightened Sensitivity and COMBINATORY THINKING

Posted Oct 19 2006 12:00am
Combinatory thinking!
Pardon me if I do not use these words together as properly as I should.
They seem perfectly appropriate for what I have been tyring to describe in various doctor's chairs for years.

I would say multiple thoughts, but this was never enough. I tried layered thinking, thoughts upon thoughts, ideas, behind ideas, and all at the same time. This was important, all at the same time.

I never had a doctor use this term, combinatory thinking. I recently have been writing about mania and heightened emotions or senses. This promoted me to read some favorite Bipolar writers and reference some of my ever faithful Kay Redfield Jamison books. Interestingly, Jamision's Touched With Fire explains all of these subjects in relation to Bipolar Disorder and to each other.

I have read this book before, I had even highlighted this same section before. After reading it again, I was left feeling more complete and understood. Why had I never had an answer for this layered like an onion thinking before? I guess I wanted a name. Just like when someone told me I was Bipolar, I left feeling like, "See it is not me after all. It is not ME." Jamison so perfectly putting my onion thoughts to words was justification for my symptoms.

Combinatory thinking "Characterized by the merging of percepts, ideas, or images in a incongruous fashion, the ideas formed in this way become "loosely strung together and extravagantly combined and elaborated." *

"Many of the changes in mood, thinking, perception that characterize mildly manic states- restlessness, ebullience, expansiveness, grandiosity, quickened more finely tuned senses, intensity of emotional experiences, diversity of thought, and rapidity of associational process."*

The book is of course filled with reminders that there is in fact an illness, many have had it and do, and many do work past the mania. The working with the mania usually allows the deep depression an open door when the mania is gone. This is described all to well in the works of the many Bipolar poets and writers.

I think that the reason so many writers, artists, musicians worked past the mania in the past is because, what choice did they have? In that answer we may also find why their suicide rate is so high as well.

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*Touched With Fire
Kay Redfield Jamison
Free Press Paperbacks
Copyright 1993

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