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Maner are rivers nike flyknit australia everywhere are peaks connected

Posted Feb 05 2013 6:20am
Waiting to be processed, during which I sent to the Children's Palace site to participate in the construction labor. I am pleased to companions total lift eight Chengzhuan. Each brick 18 ShiJin. Up with another person when I lift more than twelve bricks. I vat of fetching water and grinding his teeth, pick cement, pick sand gray, run out of the right shoulder with his left shoulder, I learned how to change the shoulder, you better pick. For the mud to the plasterers for all kinds of gray, with a long wooden handle round spoon, up and down waving their music, such as games. I was sad to think about, I was too early to politicized, I never had a nike lunarglide 3 australia childhood. Now, finally compensate for some. Summer of heavy rain, the site announced knock off, I come back to the summer's cinema to see the Spanish film "the death of the rider to Xinjiekou a crowded bus, braved the storm an umbrella, did not catch the title sequence, the movie ended, heavy rain The non-stop, and I am very happy.I love life, I enjoy life, and this can not be changed.

August 1, 1957, I was ordered to go to the suburbs of Beijing's Mentougou dining hall on the pay of the commune (township) brigade (village) Sang Tongkuangyu production teams (villages). I am carrying baggage odds and ends in Beijing the envelope yanchi train station to get off, go 36 miles before to Dasang valley. I first walk in the big mountain river next, I see the labor of road construction the brigade and quarrying team Raining Cats and drill rod hit the rocks on the sound, Maner are rivers nike flyknit australia everywhere are peaks connected to a peak of more than one peak high mountain than the mountain far away, and the river rapids, waterways song bend, splashed green Bai Baiqing, no tenderness, what warm what tired tired of honking, what spiritual spark, only steel spark boulder the majesty of the flood to pull off Hill Road stretch.
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