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Living with and managing bipolar

Posted by Cairn

We don't have the answers or cures but we having developed the disorder almost 20 years ago we have managed a recovery - able to live well in the presence or absence of symptoms.  Following 6 hospital admission it has taken a combination of medication, good self management, support and a healthy life style with a relapse prevention plan too - we have achieved a normal life.

 These days we write and advise on bipolar and promote the importance of good psychiatric treatment along with the role of the carer in achieving recovery.  Our books might help you to feel less isolated and give you some hope.  By mother and daughter these  joint publications are thought to be the first books from both perspectives of managing mental illness - that of the  patient and carer.

The Naked Bird Watcher by Suzy Johnston,

The Snow Globe Journals by Suzy Johnston

When Do I Get My Shoelaces Back? by Suzy Johnston

To Walk on Eggshells by Jean Johnston

 We hope our accounts will remove some of the isolation that the conditon causes and offer you hope and that coping skills we use will help.  The books are available from all bookshops and internet booksites - info on them is at   Hope this helps in some way.

 Take care and travel your bipolar journey safely.

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