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Lithium and Alcohol Don't Mix! Don't Commit Suicide!

Posted Aug 02 2011 2:39pm

I’ve never had support system from my family or peers on my Bipolar and Alcohol problem. They were in denial. I had to crawl out of that hell hole called “alcoholism” alone then find the strength to changed my entire life. It’s not easy to not grab a bottle of wine and go back into my old ways. When I start feeling this way I reach for Higher Power and listen to my intuition. I pray.

Today my doctor increased my medications on Lithium and Lamical medications. She asked me about drinking and I had to admit I went to the beach with some people and had one glass of red wine. She got real upset! ”Don’t do that it will interfere with your meds, plus it’s dangerous. It’ll kill you, she said.

No one has every talked to me in detail about my illness usually they just throw drug prescriptions they find in a med book – no talk.

I hope if anyone takes lithium – don’t drink with it or any other drugs. I don’t want to have to read the headlines “Another person found dead by mixing medications with alcohol.”
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