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Let’s Play A Game…..Who Can Diagnose My Crack-head Sister-in-Law?

Posted Sep 12 2008 7:58am

Some of you know about my SIL. She’s a mess. Does just about any illegal drug that she can get her hands on. And, if illegal drugs are not available, she has cabinets full of pain meds and psych meds. D….she has also started having seizures. The docs can’t find the origin of them but it is speculated that her many years of multiple drug abuse has fried he r. Not saying that’s your case. We know that it’s not.

She has lately been calling my house and when I don’t answer (I usually don’t) leaving long, rambling, incoherent messages. The messages are so long that the time runs out. When I came home last night, she had left one wanting my husband to get her some Lonestar tickets from some of his customers. No friggin’ way. Any complimentary tickets will be used by me because I love outdoor concerts.

L called me about a week ago and informed me that she had been diagnosed as bipolar. BULLSHIT! I know bipolar and she ain’t bipolar. She’s just drugged up and a sleazy slut. That woman would hump a trailer hitch, I swear.

My point is that here is another example when it has been easy and convenient for a Pdoc to slap the bipolar label on somebody that he doesn’t want to kick out of his office or put in rehab. And, why would he want to? Our generous (to the “unable to work” BS!) state and federal government programs dole out dollar after dollar for high tech treatment and expensive meds to those poor little “snicker snicker” souls that are unable to work. L has been given expensive test after expensive test. She owns a tens unit. She gets massage therapy. She gets all scrips either free or for a dollar. Hell, she even got some new teeth. How much did she pay for this? ZILCH, ZIP, NADA, NOTHING! Is this far? Hell no, it’s not.

So now she’s bipolar…….and monkeys fly out by butt at 3am every Monday morning.

Let’s get back to what originally pissed me off and off of this crap that pisses me off.

It’s obvious that her pdoc found a label that he obviously thought would be an easy one to stick on her. Did he do it because he thought she was really BP? NO! He did it so he could keep her coming back 2 or 3 times a month and collect some quick bucks from the welfare system. He can write drugs made by the drug companies who “entertain him, buy him dinners, buy him gifts, etc”. Win-win situation for him. But, I’m sick of it!!!!!!!!!

This needs to stop? But, how? Real BP’s go undiagnosed everyday due to med ignorance or not seeking treatment. And, that many more are being improperly diagnosed. This sucks!


OK… that I’ve got that out of my system, I’ll tell you what crackhead ho’ has being doing.

My daughter and SIL bought my MIL a cellphone for security…….just for her to use in emergencies. She gave it to my CHSIL.

My C-H SIL already gives my son-in-law the total himmy-jimmies! She insist on calling him Jeff Gordon all of the time. She’s constantly asking him if she can go on vacation with them. Uh….hell no!!!!!

All of a sudden about 2 weeks ago, he would get a call. The person never talked to him but he could hear them talking to other people. This happened 2 or 3 times a day everyday for about a week. It happened when he was in business meetings and everywhere. Then, it slacked off to 3 times a week. SIL kept telling my daughter that it sounded like her C-H aunt. CH has a very distinguishable voice……very raspy, vulgar, and really hick. So, today, the woman calls again and SIL puts daughter on the phone. Daughter said she could hear the woman talking and begin to shout her name really loud. Don’t know what happened but the phone got hung up. So, daughter calls the number back and says, “Who is this?” And the woman in a really pissed off voice said, “Well, WTF is this?” Daughter says “My name is M. Aunt L, is that you?”

And, of course, it was. That crazy-ass was carrying around the phone that had been given to my MIL. Somehow she would hit it. SIL’s number had been programmed in to help my MIL in case she needed help. Crack-head some how kept bumping it and dialing SIL’s number. What an idiot!!!!!

She should not have been diagnosed with BP. She should have been diagnosed with stupidity!!!!!!

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