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Key Concepts: Hope, responsibility, education, self advocacy and support

Posted Sep 10 2011 2:28pm

WRAP talks about 5 key concepts of recovery.  Each feeds into the other and together they help to fuel the effort to find a better life that so many of us find so elusive.

It starts with hope.  Life can be better.  You can be better.  Many people with your experience, with your struggles have found that to be true.  It may be different for each person.  The struggle may be harder or easier, but that doesnt matter.  It is possible. 

Many doctors, sometimes without even being aware it will try to destroy hope in favor of “realism.”  They tell you that it is a life long,  chronic issue that will destroy the quality of your life and if you do what they say you may in time learn to be content with the scraps of life left over from the ravages of your “illness.”

It isnt true.  No one is scrap.  And no one is any less human because of some diagnostic label that has been pinned on them.  The funny thing about hope is that when you decide to live like hope could be real it becomes more real. 

Personal responsibility.  You are the agent of your life.  What a scary, but liberating thought.  You dont have to be defined by others.  But you will be defined by you.  You must do life or you will find life has done you.

Education.  Knowledge is necessity is a famous quote.  You must become an expert on you.  Know who you are, what you do, what you can do.  Know about what makes it better and what threatens that.  You can learn.  Persistence pays off.  To be in charge of you you must have knowledge in order to be effective.  Make your life the university of you.

Self advocacy.  Stand up for yourself.  Act to make life better.  Life life with purpose, commitment, and connection.  In doing these things you most effectively advocate for you.

Support.  Life is what you do  with other people.  The primary indicator of  successful recovery is the recovery environment.  Treasure other people.  People need to know they are cared for, but also that their caring for others matters to the others.  There are no happy Robinson Crusoes.  A support network is the ground in which everything else is planted.

If you rate yourself  1-10 on how much this things are true for you what do you see?  The foundation is the best predictor of  the stability of the house.  These things provide the foundation for you to build your recovery.

Build strong.

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