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Just about enough to fill the car

Posted Aug 25 2008 7:05pm

Gas pains woo hooo! Joy joy joy! *groans and clutches side*

So things to do today:

1. Drink lots of tea

2. Go to daughter's school to meet principal

3. Idly wonder why I have to meet the principal

4. Check out pet shop in Tunapuna for mice

5. Feed baby snakes

6. Give roaches encouragement to mate

7. Wonder why stupid roaches aren't reproducing

8. Try to organise thoughts better than this

8. Remember html that makes bullets so that this could go smoother

You know the problem with having roaches that develop slowly is that they develop slowly! Added to which they don't seem to be hearing the call of nature and I've checked I have both males and females in there (yes I know how to sex a roach what of it?) Ah well I guess its not the end of the world, I'll just somehow have to try to get up to Simla to gather some more, failing that, anyone out there have any blaberus giganteus hanging around their houses that they want to direct me that's giant cave cockroaches. They too cute. I usually feel guilty about feeding them to the tarants.

Oh gas please come out, it hurts! It hurts!

But strangely not enough for me to get off of the pc...yeah yeah masochist, masochist I know, I know

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