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JOURNAL: My Own Psychopharm Experiment

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:52pm

Since I have fired my last pdoc for being an idiot on a power trip (please pardon my negativity), and I do not see my new pdoc until mid December, I have decided to play around with my medications. While I don't advise this to others... I am going to try it out and see how it goes. I have to do *something* so I can be cognizant enough to finish this school semester. I have done plenty of research on the meds, I am *sensitive to my bodily triggers and shifts in mood and have a fairly good system at managing my environmental stressors.

The General Plan:

Swap the Prozac from the evening to the morning since it can "perk" me up which works well for being alert during the daytime/school hours. I am kinda cheating the bipolar disorder... picking and choosing when I want to feel a little hypomanic... but I am being careful. I promise.

If I start to get too revved up, I promptly take 0.5mg of Xanax. Not too much to make me loopy, not too little to not have an effect... it's just right. Like Goldielocks.

To help me sleep, I take my 200mg of Lamictal at night, instead of 100mg in the morning and 100mg at night, since Lamictal can usually have the drowsy effect. I am also going to take my Lithium at night too... and *not* during the day. It makes me too groggy to function well enough to do my school studies. I'm thinking about taking these bad boys at 10pm or so... that should help get me in a good sleep pattern. Sleep and that good stuff is a big part of being mentally healthy.


9:00am - Prozac 20mg
10:00am - 1/2 of a hydrocodone 10/660 (for my kick-butt toothache)
11:54am - Xanax 0.5mg and 50mg Lamictal
3:00pm - 1/2 of a hydrocodone 10/660
6:15pm - Xanax 0.5mg
7:00pm - 1/2 of a hydrocodone 10/660
9:00pm - 50mg Lamictal
11:00pm - Lithium 300mg and 100mg Lamictal
3:30am (11/9) - 1/2 of a hydrocodone 10/660

I have momentarily stopped the Revia as I no longer feel the slightest compulsion to cut and I haven't even been pulling hair. I don't want to be over medicated... but if I get the slightest urge to harm myself I will begin it again. Abilify has been kicked to the curb permanently. I feel too awful on that med to continue it. The cost outweighs the benefit.

For the most part... it worked out well today. I was a little groggy during the day... but I also had 900mg lithium the previous day. Thing is... here it is 4:00am and I am wide awake... so I'm thinking I didn't take enough lithium to kick out the hypomania. Oops. I'll adjust that tomorrow...

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