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JOURNAL: Lithium

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:08am

blech. I'm back on the lithium like a good girl, although I think I've already written that. who knows. I've been feeling crappy for almost a week, lightheaded, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue (impossible to be prego). yesterday this pain in my gut started and its pretty lame. to the left and upwards of the bellybutton. I cand si and laugh without it hurting, so its not a pulled muscle. I can go #2 without pain so I doubt its just gas (and it hasn't moved in two days and I've gone #2). I poke it and it hurts like a bitch if I get it in the right spot. I'm an ass and keep poking my left side to see if its moved or gone away. all I do is hurt myself like a big dork.

I'm trying to do this dumb essay crap for a class and I'm baving a hard time focusing AT ALL. it sucks. I can't look at the screen and see words its all mashed up together. I'm screwed. I have some help with proof reading which is awesome, but I have to actually write something to get proof-read. duh. oh well. I may take some NoDoz to keep me up tonight to get this done. all I want to do is take ativan and go to sleep so I don't have to be awake while feeling sick and ouchie. I'm a baby. I know.

I don't quite what I mentioned before about a person I called "J", but that's all better now. we're on the same page with eachother. I'm good and happy :)
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