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JOURNAL: from my cell phone part VI sinus infection

Posted Jan 24 2009 4:56pm

ugh I hate feeling sick. I have laid off the vicodin today and stuck with ativan which has worked fine except that since the pain killer has worn off now I see again that I certainly have a sinus infection and this is pretty dumb. my nostrils hurt when I breathe in and out and they are so sore and its sore into my face behind the nose and eyes and my eyeballs burn too and my upper lips and face hurt and burn and its pretty dumb and my skin is hyper sensitive and I'm being a whiny baby right now and in bed laying down and feeling like ass and I want to whine and cry but I won't bc I never cry over physical pain and I hate whiners and I'm being one but only via this blog, I haven't whined out loud though I want to but its pointless to do that so I take care of myself sorta, try to do study for school and nap I kinda wanna throw up now too icky dammit
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