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JOURNAL: from my cell phone part IV

Posted Jan 24 2009 4:56pm

crap I've tried to post so many entries to this stupid thing on my phone and lots won't go so I don't know which ones worked and which didn't. oh wellllllllllllllellllllllll...

I'm not feling a crazy anymore, however I am tired bc of my pills I took which is a nice feeling but I am fighting sleep bc I have this crazy urge and drive to "be productive". and I find it terribly annoying. the Rx will win out though and I'll drop off like a rock so that is good. I love feeling like this so free and slow. its good for me I think.

I saw 2 House episodes on tv tonight so that helped give me my "fix". that's good. my little doggie sleeps in bed and snuggles with me no matter how crasy I'm feeling and I love her for that she's such a doll. and I keep having these muscle twitches and I think it from the abilify I was on a while back and more recently. when I took the pills they were stronger twitches and since I've been off the twitches aren't as bad (no longer affecting my head and neck as bad) but still there mostly in my arm and lower mouth is dry, I am thirsty. I wish I could drop a little weight in my thighs but I'm trying to not stress or pressure myself too much so I'm just focusing on my school and crap I need to get internet this weekend to work on a project for a class shoot and I need to plug in the due dates for stuff into my cell phone (well actually a program on my laptop which trqnsfers it to the agenda book on my cell phone). granted I feel like a sissy for talking a little bit about that one particular boy earlier, I find it kinda helpful to get it out and on to paper (or my screen). wait was that one actually posted or not? ooops I'm don't make sense tonight!

right so I'm going to bed now. toodles.

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