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JOURNAL: from my cell phone part III

Posted Jan 23 2009 5:04pm

I find this cell phone business of entry to be quite neat granted it takes a long time for the page to load on the phone but once its up it works quite well I think technology is a grand thing and also when I get int tthis state of mind with the manic-mish-ness I want SEX. lord help me I want a skilled man to bring me to pleasure many times , rough and hard and to be ravished and taken over dammit I need to play with someone and if not... then I will have to use my battery operated friend. which helps, but its not the same as when a man has his fingers buried deep inside you brining you to orgasm after orgasm and then fills you all the way up with his...

okay no more dirty mind sorry if I offend anyone but I love sex so much its so damn fun and feels so fucking good.

anyway I forget what I was going to say next since I was side tracked and stuff oh look my little dig is such a cute little girl :) I love her so much and her unconditional happy love for me is theraputic it gives me something that looks up to me for care and love so when I am in my room alone after I freak the fuck out episodically I can lay on the bed, just still with her bc I don't want to scare her so it gives me more strength or whatever to not freak out in the ways of damaging myself through punching or the room with throwing and kicking and whatever else I want to do my little girl is helping me to be a better person and I am so thankful I have her for that oki io need to go feed her dinner I'll write more once I am done with that!

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