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Posted Sep 25 2010 1:32pm
I currently have jello for brains. This is stupid. Pardon the negativity in this post. But seriously. I'm more than pissed right now. I have A TON OF CRAP to do for school and junk. I'm very behind. I'm stressed out. Freaked out. And I am having a ridiculously difficult time using the lump of jello within my skull. It feels like jello. Information and things I need to put INTO my brain bounce off of this piece of jello and float away. Simple things escape me. I forgot how to get to the airport this morning while taking my mom's friend there. It's all ridiculous. I sit and try to study. The stuff doesn't stick in my head and I read and reread and NOTHING. Like jello. Or I cannot concentrate and end up doing a heap of other perfectly pointless activities on the laptop and whatnot. Adderall isn't helping the concentration issue. I don't know what the hell I am going to do. Working full time, working in the lab, research thesis, graduate courses, and trying to NOT be a crazy person at the same time is pretty damn hard. I'm trying to remain positive and not bitch (hence why I haven't been posting much because I don't have squat to say that is 'happy') but this is seriously on my last fucking nerve. And I'm not sure what to do. And GREs are right around the corner as well. 
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