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Its the small things

Posted Sep 11 2008 8:51pm

Yesterday a technician finally came to the house and we once again have internet at home which is good, this way the spousal unit would not be quite so bored while he's convalescing.

By the way my inbox grew while I was at work I could work otu almost the exact moment the technician left the house, someone was hard at work clearing their mailbox and making sure the mailboxes of everyone else was nicely padded. It was nice being able to go to sites that the company blocks here at work and to have the use of messenger again. Not to mention the fact that my credit card once again took a hit...oh Amazon how you tempt me so. Thinking about it I didn't order anything for myself last night, just spousal unit and mother of spousal unit...hmmmm Maybe I should have another look at Amazon god knows my wishlist needs to be shrunk down a bit :). Luckily Ebay was not at 100% last night and I got fed up trying to get into the stores section.

So what have we learnt?

Internet at home good
Internet shopping from home better
Getting stuff you ordered by Zipx PRICELESS
Well there is actually a price affixed but the joy of receiving stuff stays with ya.

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