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Is urinating in bottles and keeping them in your room a symptom of bipolar or something else?

Posted by carol torrence

my son is 28. he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder years ago.  He recently moved in with me again, he brought a girlfriend.  I found several gallons of urine and smaller bottles thrown throughout his room.  The room also was littered with garbage used cat liter and dog feces.  I kicked him out mainly because of these issues.  However not sure if I am helping or making things worse
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I have a 22 year old daughter with borderline personality disorder, and I understand how it feels to wonder if there's something you should be doing to help. In my unprofessional opinion, what you describe are not exactly symptoms of bipolar disorder, but there is definitely a mental health issue. You are not responsible for his behavior, and drawing boundaries are extremely important for your own sanity, as well as not enabling him to continue inappropriate behavior. Since he's an adult, all you can do to help him is to love him and encourage him to get help.
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