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Is Percocet 7.5-325 TAB WATSON stronger than Lortab 10 TAB?

Posted by barbee

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If I recall correctly, Lortab 10 are 10/600 (or 500). the "10" stands for how many mgs of Hydrocodone is in the pill, and the "600" is the mg of Tylenol. The Percocet has 7.5mg of Oxycodone, and 325 mg Tylenol.


Both hydro and oxy are opioid analgesics. It is generally believed that Oxycodone is stronger but in terms of pain, it's hard to test one drug being stronger due to variables such as patient tolerance to pain. Both drugs work similarly on the Central nervous system.


Oxy is a higher class of drugs than Hydro, but from my experience I prefer the hydro both as a pain reliever and the nice buzz it gives me which takes my mind off of being hurt. :)


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