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Is Butterfly Getting a New Job?

Posted Sep 12 2008 10:49am
So, the guy I'm dating sat me down, (figuratively because we were on the phone) and gave me a good stern talking to about my career.

Yes, I was pouty all the way through (but only because I don't like stern talkings). Anyway, I swear that he is like a real life Dr. Phil -only with a sense of humor and better wardrobe.

But I digress.

So, here's what he told me:

You're selling yourself short. You think it will be tough to find another cushy situation with flexible hours like the one you have and so you've settled and stopped looking.

In reality your situation isn't as cushy as you think because you're doing 4 jobs with the pay of less that 1!

Butterfly, what do you want to do?

I was silent. Truth is, I can do so many things - a gift and (because I haven't learned how to handle it) a curse! I truly can do anything well!

What do you like to do?
I love PR and employee training and company development.

What's important to you?
Hmmmm, I want to have the freedom to be creative and to make things better!

Ok, but Butterfly, there are so many things you can do and make a heck of a lot more money. Hell, you can be an "executive assistant" and start at $75k. In fact, one of my partners is looking for someone right now!

If its about the money, you can be a personal assistant. If it's about what you like to do, then here's your homework.

WTF! He gave me homework!

1. Revise your resume.
Make one resume only for pr and marketing, and another for your training and company development. (I so outsourced this stuff. I have a girl doing it for me.)

2. Start Interviewing.

Contact all the people in your online pr group and schedule exploratory interviews. Not only might something pop up that gives you leverage when negotiating with your current employer, but you'll also get comfortable with the interview process.

3. Figure out how much you want to be paid and go to the owners with that number.
Stay Tuned for more on this one.

He said all that and then said: "This is only so you can be occupied and make money in the interim You're much too spoiled and accustomed to having your own way to work within the traditional job market. Anyway, what you should do is return to TV."

He's right!
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