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Improved Online Training with Remote Admin Programs

Posted Feb 20 2013 10:51am

Remote support software allows users to take control of and use computers located thousands of miles away. The requirements for this software are very little; all you need is two computers with working internet connections and the software itself. Today, net-related technologies have advanced a lot and so has Remote Admin software. There are services available that let you access other computer right from an internet browser, removing the need for hard program installation.

Remote desktop software programs are useful in businesses for technical support, project management, and training staff. Now, online training is definitely not a new concept, and it has been around for as long as the internet has been used by businesses. However, with desktop remote support software, the interactivity of online training can improve by a large degree.

Students that are participating in online training programs could previously make contributions only though voice chat or regular chat. This limited the potential of online training. Remote desktop programs brought a lot of changes to the field and increased the capabilities of these training sessions.

Remote Admin software like the RHUB remote support appliance is a great addition to an online training program because it allows participants to easily share files and documents with each other. Instead of sending files through FTP or email, the files can be viewed and edited in real time by all the participants, reducing the number of time it takes to accomplish a task. One more great feature of remote desktop software that is very useful for online training is group editing. This particular feature allows participants in a course to access files located in a single server or computer. This way, the participants can work together in groups to create projects even if they are thousands of miles apart from each other, without having to send or manage multiple versions of the files.

In simple terms, online training programs are among the biggest benefactors of remote desktop software because of the improved efficiency it provides and the time savings that are achieved. Traditionally, remote connection software has only been used by large companies for in-house training programs, but today small and medium sized companies are using these applications for regular online training as well.


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