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I was mercilessly teased for months about it

Posted Jun 21 2013 2:56am

I was mercilessly teased for months about it, and as you can imagine, word spread so that it wasn't just my raid group who got to poke fun at me.A warrior friend of mine was our main tank at the time and we were clearing the pyramid to the panther aspect. At the top of the stairs to enter there's a group of about 5 panthers on either side, which can be a nuisance on their own as AoE tanking wasn't in its best form. So we used to clear one side then pull the 4 man humanoid group inside the pyramid to the outer platform so we had more room to avoid their abilities. We cleared the right, our tank said "ok pulling to the right" then promptly pulled the humanoid group and ran headlong into the panthers on the left by mistake. We survived barely, but we still tease him about it when he's using left and right in any tactics.So how about you? It's your turn now. What's the most embarrassing thing that ever occurred to you while playing WoW? Did your friends let you live it down, or do they still poke fun at you for it? Feel free to share your tales! Come to us now!

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