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I’ve Got Your Crazy

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm

Quiet and sneaky you crawled out of my heart

At times I can’t tell where I end and you start

When I am strong – you are weak, hard to see

But when you take over I cease to be me

No one’s sure what to call you – disease, illness, disorder

To me you are just a non-rent paying boarder

You bounce through my life from the wild to lazy

They think that it’s me but you bring the crazy

The pills help me keep you contained in a box

But when you leak out it’s my life that rocks

The friends and the loved ones you have not scared away

They no longer demand they just hope day to day

Once surrounded by scorn, fear, shame and blame

I now understand and can call you by name

No longer a victim of your evil steam roller

I shout from the rooftop – That’s Right, I’m Bipolar

kiss me im bipolar


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