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I've fallen and I can't...

Posted Jan 16 2013 1:08pm

Well you get the picture.

Truth be told I did fall on Sunday, flat on my back, down some stairs and have been in pain ever since.

Two days bed rest, the problem being that I cannot find a good position to lie in or sit in for that matter. At the moment my neck is hurting more than my back is and its driving me crazy.

I should be using this time to study. On the final year of my degree and it is critical that my grades go up. Last year we made of bare passes, truth be told I was just happy to pass but this year I know I have got to do better.

It's hard studying when you are going through yet another emotional rollercoaster ride. But really, the time has come for me to put on my big girl panties and carry on, time enough to think about your hopeless existence when you have that piece of paper in your hands.

Hmmmm two posts in one month, perhaps I'm making a comeback or not

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