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I Need a Haircut

Posted Feb 28 2011 12:00am

I don’t need to look in the mirror to know I need to get my hair cut.  No.  How do I know? When I eat, my hair gets tangled up with all the food that ends up in my mouth.  It’s incredibly annoying.  More than.

Now, it’s gotten so bad, food doesn’t even have to be involved at all.  Nor does the slightest breeze outside.  Nor, me walking and making a bit of a turn in whatever direction.  No.  My hair is now falling into mouth when it simply sit still.

I don’t suspect I’ll be working anytime soon (don’t even go there…) so, I won’t have to go for that “Professional Look.”   The type of haircut I’ve been having done or how long now? While trying to get a… (don’t even go there.)

I want an “Anime Haircut!” No, seriously.  I want to look like an Anime Character! I have had this desire for so long.

However, my hair is really thin.  However, I have a “Hair Guru.”  Really, he is.

I suck at hair (and a lot of other things girly, even though PA can pull off girly.)  I guess she just needs some help.  When I had no damn clue what to do with my hair, and bitching about about other extremely expensive salons, looking at pictures…  Do you know what “Hair Guru” did?

He looked at my face for less then two minutes and said, “Let’s get the party started!” He gave me the BEST haircut I’ve ever had.

My hair is driving me nuts.  Let’s see if we can do something radical and uber-funky.  I think I need it.

Well, I don’t know if I need it.  It just might be something kind of fun or nice? Because those two words are definitely lacking from my life right now.

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