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I can see clearly now

Posted Jul 11 2012 2:01am
Glasses are a wonderful invention.  Corrective lenses were said to be used in the 9th century. Even  sunglasses can be dated back to the 12th century. An Italian Salvino  D’Armate is credited with inventing the first eye glasses in 1284. In 1727 the  British optician Edward Scarlett developed the modern style of  prescription glasses  and frames that we would  recognise today. 

However, there is a new development for glasses that is positively revolutionary. That is prescription glasses being sold online bypassing high street opticians and giving people the chance to buy their glasses for less. Leading this transformation is glasses4eyes whose aim is to save money for the UK public on their prescription glasses and sunglasses. There have been great advances over the years when it comes to spectacles. Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals in 1784. These days you can get bendable glasses as well as rimless, semi-rimless and all are strong and hard-wearing to cope with the numerous demands of modern life. Perhaps the greatest recent development is the availability of high quality low cost glasses online.

The idea a few years ago that you could buy a pair of glasses, including lenses, for less than £20 was sheer madness. A new pair of prescription glasses was a major investment and not something that you bought for just £16. However, that is just the change that glasses4eyes have brought to the marketplace. It is a change that means that consumers can buy numerous pairs of designer glasses for different activities. No longer will someone have to rely on one pair of glasses How can glasses4eyes do this? Well they actually already supply many of the high street retailers but they do not have their overheads and can supply you directly. All their frames have the CE marks which ensure that they conform to essential safety and environmental requirements. The Optical Council Registered Dispensing Opticians supervise the dispensing of all their glasses. All their prescription glasses and frames are high quality products it is just that they will not cost you a fortune.

Even though these days contact lenses are available and people can have access to laser eye surgery glasses continue to be popular. Now with glasses4eyes making buying glasses easier and cheaper than the high street they will continue to be as practical, fashionable and stylish as they have always been.

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