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I’m So Glad I Went To The Pub Yesterday…No, Not About Drinking, People!

Posted Jan 28 2008 12:00am

The reason I went to the pub yesterday afternoon is because there is a man that plays music on Sundays. Some? Most? I’m not sure. I’ve only seen him a few times but I understand he’s there quite often. I believe they have someone in every Sunday and it’s usually him. They might have other folks, though. No matter. The point is, he’s absolutely excellent! The first time I heard him, I immediately bought his CD.

It’s a nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, as well. Just take a break and go out and listen to a talented person play his acoustic guitar and sing away. He can play most covers that people request…a lot of the typical stuff that you would expect in a bar, but if people don’t ask for anything, he just plays whatever. Occasionally, he’ll pepper it all with one or two of his original songs.

He’s originally from Essex. I don’t know how long he’s been living in Canada. He’s so nice. Every time (of the few) that I’ve seen him, we’ve always chatted. I guess it was the second last time, I met his girlfriend. I had noticed her before as whenever he’d take a break, he’d spend much more time talking to her than any of the patrons. However, they weren’t affectionate in any way so I thought, friend…sister? Whatever. I suspected they were somehow connected, though, as she had an English accent as well.

So, that time, I was chatting with him again and he introduced us. Ah, girlfriend! I found out that she was from Essex as well but only here visiting. I joked that she should get him to marry her, and then she could just stay here! Oh, come on…what’s his problem…all of that sort of thing. She just laughed. I don’t know who is lovelier–the musician or the musician’s lady!

Yesterday, I arrived during the latter portion of his first set, I guess. His girlfriend immediately saw me and asked me to sit with her. You see? Oh, so lovely! I mean, we’d only just chatted once! Musician Man took his break and sat with us, had some dinner and we talked some more. His girlfriend ordered some cheesecake and we split it *laughing* She and I continued to talk it up while listening to him play…oh, so nice and fun.

Then, the “sad” news and why I was so “glad” that I showed up. She’s flying back to Essex. She’s got to go as she said she’s been here long enough (I’m not sure exactly how long but I guess it’s been a fair while.) She told me that, at times, she can barely look at him because she feels so sad about going home.


Long distance relationships are so difficult even if they are a few hours away, but a continent? Not that it is an impossibility, but you certainly would have to work hard at it, and be very committed–and love each other very much. Well, the love part is a given in any relationship, right? But, the ties need to be very strong when you are far apart, that is for sure. They’ve been together for a while now, and have known each other since they were kids. Perhaps that will help.

I told her that I was so happy that I decided to come and see her boyfriend play yesterday afternoon. I wasn’t going to as I was still doing a bunch of stuff at home but because of that, I just felt like escaping and going outside. So yes, I said that if I hadn’t popped in, I would have missed the opportunity to say goodbye to her.

I know, it all sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? I’ve only had a couple of conversations (and very brief ones at that) with this woman and yet, it’s like…oh, dear! We both couldn’t have said goodbye! Well, sometimes you just meet really sweet and friendly people out there. That’s good.

So, before they left, I gave her my email address if she wanted another friend in Canada. She said, “Sure!” and took it. I jokingly said to her, “I’ll keep an eye on your boy while you’re away.” She just laughed, we hugged, and out the door they went.

I suppose I may not see her for a while…but I can go back and see him. From what I understand, he actually won’t be playing there for a few weeks. That’s what I overheard yesterday so I guess I can look for him some time later on.

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