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Hurt Hurts

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:54am

I send my representative.
I keep people at bay.


To know me is to hurt me.
To hurt me is to set me back.
To set me back is to be something I must survive.

As of late, men have become less human, and more of a blur. Still, it seems that with each one that enters my life, I am left wondering wtf happened.

I have a good thing at work. The owner called today and is so pleased with me, that he wants mt to think bigger as in rep 2 locations instead of just 1. In order to do that, men and hurt cannot be a part of my life.

So now, a quick detox. The guy I'm seeing must go.

I've deleted his numbers and emails, I don't want to see or speak to him. My office will remain locked and is no longer available for his chatting pleasure. He knows 2 of my secrets, and so he is the enemy.

I hate him, and although I write almost with the intention that he might possibly read this in the future, I will still give raw emotion. He must understand that this is how I feel right now:

Pins under your fingernails as your limbs are stretched apart. Hot oiled poured over your torso; I can smell your flesh sizzle.

For every 1 moment of discomfort you've caused, may your eyelids betray your desires for sleep, and may slumber forever elude your grasp.

I am the BUTTERFLY, the muthaf*ckin BUTTERFLY!
I am the alpha chick, all others bow down to me!
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