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how to handle my bi polar disorder even with taking medication?

Posted by greatas1985

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If your medication is not stabilizing your ups and downs, then you need to work with your doctor or psychiatrist to add or change medications. In the meantime, find some coping strategies that work for you. One coping strategy is simply to search the internet FOR coping strategies.
Here are some others: research bipolar on the internet (become an expert), research medication on the internet, chart your moods, exercise (the hardest one), wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it to bring yourself back to reality (this is used for panic attacks and post traumatic stress disorder but it might help), join an online community like and discuss your feelings and make friends (everyone is so nice).
Always remember that life doesn't have to be this hard and to hang in there, and make sure not to make any life-changing decisions in your emotional state.
I have been on many different kinds of meds for this disorder and I still have trouble keeping it stablized.  Some of my lows expecially are extreme, maybe they haven't came up with the right combination for me either, but so far all the meds. I have taken have only made bi-polar disorder bearable.  I still cycle, some are severe, some very severe.  But so far I am still alive.  Maybe they will come up with the right combo for us soon.  Good luck.
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