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How does one find sensible care for a 75yr-old bipolar person whose condition has greatly deteriorated (bec of too many drugs).

Posted by lockedinhell

My mom's been diagnosed bipolar for 30yrs. Lithium worked fine, but ab 11yrs ago, some doc got her onto Prozac and things went downhill from there; now her doc prescribes (all at once)L seroquel lorazepam, effexor, risperadol; she also takes darvocet for pain and glucofage for diabetes (that's only what I know). Her condition has deteriorated - she's psychotic and unable to take care of herself. The doc's solution is more drugs. I'm desperate ab her deteriorating condition. Not even sure where to turn for help.
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You might find another doctor. She could be getting dementia as well. I would suggest hiring a caregiver to take care of her in her home, so you dont' have to put her in a nursing home.
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