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home fiancee is let other people to

Posted Dec 07 2012 3:09am
in this adventure, home fiancee is let other people to!" "Ah bah!" TaiShiKun back to scold a way: "this prosperity things, or is my pipe got? Is clearly you for officer abandoned green sister!" A blush ZhuBiao is gas was very white, he never ignore TaiShiKun,But high call a sound: "gas down and I! I kill you the adulterer!" Palaver heave stick to wu song rushed to. Wu song audible words a smile, is also urged the horses against. In the blink of an eye, Derrick Rose Shoes two people already is war do a group. Give the devil his due, the ZhuBiao iron that is very good. To TaiShiKun view, this body he attack at least more than CuiDaoCheng the levels. More importantly, ZhuBiao rage attack, the attack of the hand is not a bit messy, a rod of iron roll up the shadow, toward the wu3 song when head cover to. But wu song knife method is more better. AdiZero Crazy Light The size of the door god knife in his hand twined in wu song light without content, he lifting weights just as twiddling a feather and swing a sword, that the rod shadow immediately lift. In two battle after seven rounds, ZhuBiao use the recipients of housekeeping moves, the iron bar splashed water to wu song of play to, and wu song just smile flick knife, will these tips to break them, it seems that fundamental disdain counterattack. So the war and a few rounds and ZhuBiao anger have risen to a can't moderate height, his use of moves gradually gone degree method, was started ZhaoZhao desperately, embrace the read want to perish together. Play to such a degree that wu3 song's face smile more strong. See his illness cut a sword, will ZhuBiao forced Derrick Rose Shoes 2012 open step, corner to pick, gently spit out a few words: "wave light broken army cut!" Heaven and earth color dim and a light. A knife horse practice knife light, like a dragon from the sky and drop, mingled with the a shares boisterousness wind storm, to ZhuBiao pledge robot! So under the coercion, ZhuBiao only feel that even the breath as one of the meal, in the hand of iron like a one thousand pounds of weight, the gearing are move fraction, which have raised left iron to parry resist? AdiZero ROSE 2.0 Jing is colourful knife light flash across, a sound "bin wave" noise earthquake onlookers all tinnitus unceasingly! The hands of the ZhuBiao iron fly up, the blink of dozens of meters away into the grass out of sight! And discerning regicidal god knife, is already firmly stop at the ZhuBiao throat above! The people of the onlookers, others are a pair of amazing color, only LuJunYi one person, inwardly caresses must nod. Originally have wu loose this a sword, has reached the excellent martial "to send and receive by heart" state. Depletion fly iron, the hands of wu song regicidal god knife even sway never sway once, this serves to illustrate that wu3 song hair force of the fierce; But when this infanticidal god knife impending ZhuBiao neck, wu3 song could will rapidly long knife firmly stop, this serves to illustrate that the force of miao wu song! Sharp edge distance ZhuBiao throat only a few millimeters, metal sends out the air conditioning ZhuBiao makes the skin produce
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