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Holly is home!

Posted Nov 17 2008 8:58pm

Miss Holly has been home about two hours now, and I am pleased to report she is on my lap, while I write on the computer, purring softly. Her purr isn't back to where it was, but it's a purr. I can feel her heart against my jeans, and it is the nicest thing in the world.

She has had a rough couple of days. She apparently is a klutz like her "mother" and sprained her back leg and tail when she fell off some piece of furniture. It was so painful, she apparently stopped with making number 2 in her box. That backed up over the one day she didn't go, and made her sick as well. She had actually been using her box, but only a bit was getting out. When they X-rayed her they found the blockage. Don't ask me how they got it out, I assume cat strength prune juice?

Holly was a rescue cat from Mercer County. She was due to be put down, and was rescued by an agency that rescues cats. She was rescued on Christmas Eve, hence the name "Holly".

Shortly thereafter, she had 6 kittens. Two were white with black patches, one was white with grey patches, one was a grey tabby, and 2 looked like Holly.  Their names were, Kringle, Joy, Noel, Merry, Vixen, and Feliz.
That Holly is such a smart girl....

All kittens were adopted, but Holly stayed at this foster mother's house in Trenton for 2 years because she was considered unadoptable.

I adopted Holly about 5 weeks after the death of my former cat at the ripe old age of 17. She has been a delight, and I don't think I could have gotten over the loss of my marriage if it wasn't for this cat. She truly is a miracle in fur to me.

She is doped up from surgery, and I was told to keep an eye on her until the anesthesia cause she is a bit woozy.

I am overwhelmed by the love and support from my readers. It was touching. I just want everyone to know she is going to be OK and thank you so much for caring about one cat- who is my best friend.



Back to mental health issues tomorrow.
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