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here kitty kitty

Posted Sep 28 2008 1:40pm

C, the feline here-recently informed me she purchased Bipolar for Dummies. We had some quality phone time and some needed laughs that afternoon as she read excerpts from it. She plans on reviewing it here…possibly in a series…soon. *ahem* here kitty kitty…. *waves …arm*

Well, now they have an on-line advertisement blog.

You can read about the tag-team effort here. one of the authors is also a co-author of “The Ups and Downs of Raising a Bipolar Child” *sigh*…yeah and yet another (who lives with a bipolar spouse) “offers his experience and insight from life in the trenches “  <—– I found that more offensive than heartwarmingly cute.

They’re “spotlighting medications” right now.

I’d like to spotlight some medications. How about you?

We can write reviews. It sounds like a fun idea for the summer down-time.   Snarkapill. Swallow this. Bend-over and take it… kiss your former self goodbye, are a few  ideas for that feature. Sorry if I seem bitter…on second thought, I’m not sorry. Just bitter.

There was also a post about taking a yet undiagnosed member of the human race along with you to a pdoc appointment so they can point out that normal things you do are “you” and not a symptom that requires more medication.  The example was:  Talking fast. *gasp* Yeah…..talking fast is required when trying to fit a lot into a pdoc time slot, the family member noted.  It is also something people do when nervous, or just a way people speak. IMAGINE THAT.



Having to bring someone who knows you along to vouch for your personality…as if it’s not bad enough that “they” have their patients thinking any and all emotions are now pathological.

C’mon kitty…get to readin, chop-chop!  ;)

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