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Help I can't hold a job!! I can't get up and make myself go! What's wrong with me?

Posted by MaverickAnoki

I feel depressed but not all the time. Probably most of the time i feel hopeless and sad and stressed out. I feel like i'm at my wits end and for no reason. I have a good life. Despite the stupid things i've done my family takes care of me and continuously tries to set me up on my own. I just want to not disappoint them again....

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Probably Inattentive ADD.  That's what I have and that's how I felt. I WANTED to go do things and be succesful and all that great stuff....I just could NOT do it! I thought I was unmotivated and lazy.  Now, I am on medicine and I am a totally different person. I get things done and I opened my own buiness, I stay on top of chores.....super responsible....oh, AND, I went from a size 10 to a size 4 bc I'm burning off crazy calories and I don't sit around cheez its anymore.
Oh....and it causes you to get very depressed, sad, hopeless etc because you are so confused about what the heck is wrong. I got depressed because I thought I was was rough. Good luck to you.
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