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Hello Bipolar Community!

Posted Aug 30 2011 5:58pm

Greetings! I'm a relatively young blogger, going at this for just about 2 months now. But I've joined the HealthBlogger community here at Wellsphere. So I thought I would go ahead with some introductions.

I've had bipolar for several years of my life. It's not positive that I had it before college, but I started to evince symptoms in freshman year. However, I was able to manage it without psychiatric care or medication. While I suspected that I might be bipolar, I did not like the idea of medication at all. That all changed when I had a massive depression following quite the mania. I was triaged and saw a psychiatrist the next day. About a month later, they decided that it was not anxiety and depression, but bipolar disorder type 1.

That was all 10 months ago. Right now, I'm stabilized on a cocktail of drugs and it appears to be working excellently. I don't know if it will continue working, but signs point to yes.

I blog a lot about bipolar and little things in my life that I've found helpful. But there are only so many helpful tips that I can come accross on any given day. So I also blog about philosophy. Philosophy is part of my vocation, so I like to talk about it.

My main blog is located over at wordpress, but everything that I write there should appear here. So two articles should be feeding in sometime today or tomorrow. I hope you stay with it, or check out my archives at I've already written quite abit, so check it out and see if you like it.


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