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…don’t get me started

Posted Sep 28 2008 6:14pm

because, as AC would say (and I’ve claimed this as my own) “I’ve got no filter today.”

Well, too late.

This is long; and I’ve got points within points….*that or I’m just really tired*

This began as a comment within a comment…Cat had made to the previous post of UM’s.

Usually when I post about things like this, I’ll spend at least an hour looking for: Just the right source, link, words, quote…whatever. …not tonight…but at least I did edit out about 10 + “fuck”s so it’s not totally unfiltered I guess.

I’ve ranted on this over a year ago anyway; but while makin a point within that comment…I ran across an article (linked at the end…when I finally get to it ) that made my blood hotter than it already was, since I’d had personal experience with Lyrica rat poison. So…here I go.

As I stated, the starting point is me quoting from Cat’s comment in the previous post. So I just didn’t post it; as it became book-length and off topic..I cut/pasted to here. ( no kiddin, d…go to bed)

and it doesn’t help that the pain and getting used to the side effects of these meds often make us withdrawn, angry, volatile, make us lose our creativity, our drive, our sexual feelings for our partners, make us lose all hope for our lives, and yes… sometimes even make us LOSE our lives because we can’t handle the depression anymore.


Wow…for a second, that sounded like bipolar disorder. *slaps head* oh yeah…THAT’s “the cure” you were tlaking about.

I have a theory/idea.
Treat the symptoms as they come…with stuff that works. *fill in the blank with psych med that is only giving you side effects with no benefits-if that’s your case* WTF good are they if they don’t work(for you)?! How about something that DOES make you feel better (I’VE DONE THIS RANT BEFORE)

And prevention? HA! Please! Do they have a crystal ball and KNOW that they have magically held off a manic or depressive episode for an extra two weeks? Even so…SO WHAT? SO BANGIN’ WHAT? Fix it…and not by turning it into something else (a different mood state that needs treatment)

“Oh you’re depressed?…Here take these…Isn’t that better? Now you are fat, celibate oh..or better yet-in an agitated state with insomnia…I think I’ll call that a mixed mania and give you some Zyprexa to take the edge off and we’ll just increase the dose of the SSRI that started this hell & add this *fill in the blank* to your cocktail; by the way-here is a script for another psych med to take care of that other pesky side effect caused by that other med”

Hell before ya know it, you are filling 3…4 or 5 different medications/month like a “good little consumer”

3, 4 or 5 medications…to fix perhaps some of what the other med(s) is causing. For a chronic/life-long condition.

Feel better?

Sometimes you may not even require meds. You cannot expect meds to fix symptoms caused by life.

I’m talking about bipolar depression for the most part here. That is one hell of a bastard to treat.

Once again:

How about something that DOES make you feel better? (I’VE DONE THIS RANT BEFORE)

Those damn whoever they are… “OMG they’ll become chronic users…addicts ” etc…WELL WHAT THE…?!

What do they call taking psych meds, everyday, for the rest of your life?! Huh?! and what if you dare try to stop?! Horrible withdrawals! That’s what! Sounds like chemical dependence to me.
So what is the difference?

I don’t know about you, but if I’m taking something for life-and my body depends on it- I want something that at least helps! I want something that does the least amount of damage to me. I want something that does not make me feel like shit. I want something that does not require 3 or 4 other meds to counteract the side effects! Dependent, not abusing. Do not confuse the two, like many, simple minded physicians do.

Lets compare some random meds for the heck of it:

Frequent (not adverse) side effects:


mild tremor of the hands; weakness, lack of coordination; mild nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach pain or upset;thinning or drying of the hair;itching skin, weight gain, hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormone), increased white blood cell count, acne, and skin rashes.
- Signs of hypothyroidism include dry skin, hair loss, sensitivity to cold, hoarseness, mental depression, and weight gain.


Abdominal pain, constipation, diminished movement, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, excessive muscle tone, headache, indigestion, low blood pressure (especially upon standing), nasal inflammation, neck rigidity, rapid or irregular heartbeat, rash, sleepiness, tremor, uncontrollable movements, weakness

seizure (convulsions); tremors, shivering, muscle stiffness or twitching; problems with balance or coordination; or agitation, confusion, sweating, fast heartbeat, nervousness, restlessness,headache, trouble concentrating; drowsiness, dizziness;sleep problems (insomnia); nausea, diarrhea, heartburn; weight changes; decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm; or dry mouth, ringing in your ears.



constipation, nausea, somnolence, dizziness, vomiting, pruritus, headache, dry mouth, sweating, and asthenia (weakness).

Let’s pretend they all work. Let’s also pretend you will have all the side effects for one week. The things that harm your blood, thyroid, weight…etc, you get to keep-the passing puking and headaches go away…get the hypothetical idea?
Which one would you choose?

The: A) Lithium, B) seroquel, C) lexapro or D) oxycontin? *yeah I tossed in one to make a point*
*note* I didn’t even begin to touch the anti-seizure meds (and I was KIND to seroquel’s side effect profile…very kind; because hypothyroid, fucked blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides ( bring on that pancreatitis please ) and elevated liver enzymes are right up there now on the yawn factor frequency.

So that got me to wondering about MDMA *didn’t they use it for some patients back in the day anyway?* Oh, that’s right, it worked too well-may have put them out of business, best make that against the law; and don’t give me that SHIT about abuse or dangers…one word…Seroquel. *I proceeded to google mdma and sumpin’ sumpin’…forget what*

That led me to this.

That is when I got really angry.

*taken from the article*

This drug is famous for producing incredible feelings of euphoria, openness, warmth and love and happiness in almost everyone who takes it. It is staggeringly effective, non-addictive, and when taken somewhat responsibly and with a slight hint of intelligence, has very few, if any, notable or permanent side effects.

Its positives border on miraculous. It can effortlessly break down long-held psychological barriers, remove obstacles to communication and stifled emotion, make patients/users feel open and happy and much better able to handle stress, anxiety, all manner of trauma………

One drug, nasty and of hugely questionable value, essentially designed to numb your body and mock your spirit and shut you down like a land mine shuts down a cat, is legal. Another drug, relatively safe, enormously effective in how it opens you up like a flower and pours white hot life straight down your throat and helps you feel God without forcing you to kneel before, well, anything at all, is violently illegal. And thus doth the brutal irony of the capitalist machine floweth over once again.

I’ve mentioned before, I have trigeminal neuralgia. yawn, I know. My neurologist gave me some of this poison the article talks about. 25 mgs samples. I took ONE. I was in a stupor, equal to if not > seroquel for over 12 hours. I could NOT function. My dog was seriously ill. I could not let him out or tend to his needs. I mean…hell, I was incapacitated by this med. **not sure on this; but probably would have functioned better had I just had a black-out collegesque drunk. **

I was in a stupor and still in pain. I was in hell. The literature on TN says typical analgesics do not work on “this type of pain” but the neurologists send you to ER for it. In the ER they give you medication that helps. Go figure. I think at some point there has been some confusion. I think “they” were talking about OTC stuff, like Advil. *Oh, yeah…”the literature” also suggests using anti-depressants for pain caused by an artery that is pissing off a nerve in the brain. A big fuck-you to whoever wrote that. If that fucker gets a 3rd degree burn, I hope someone tosses him a baby aspirin.

So in summary: I’m hoping for at least purgatory…but if I do end up in Hell, I imagine I’ll get to have some nice talks with some of these guys who make up the chain in deciding what medications are offered as treatments and what are not.

-who are they anyway? the FDA? doctors? scientists? The group of guys sitting around the table in Austin Powers with Dr. Evil? no idea…

If there are levels of hell, ( yeah, I know-we’re not supposed to wish bad things on people; but hey, I’m generalizing), I’m thinking Dr. Evil’s Henchmen should spend time in the level where you have unending mental illness and trigeminal neuralgia. The only thing they’ll be offered will be zyprexa and lyrica; and by gawd they’re going to be expected to function!

with a smile-like a good little consumer.


****note on the Lyrica, weight gain, water retention and edema if you read the article****

It’s edema. If it becomes “pitting” as in-you press your fingers into it-say your swollen ankles and it doesn’t bounce back-like bread dough…that is not good. Lyrica also had a nifty tumor profile, wtf is up with that?

Great pain med they got goin there, huh? Much safer than those other evil, stigmatized options.


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