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Heat the bulls game with the hornets signed up to the end of the season he refused to short 10 days

Posted Mar 13 2013 7:11am
Sina news sports news Beijing time Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 on March 12, luis amundsen had decided to sign with the hornets to the end of the season. He refused the bulls on the second contract, 10 days will be in New Orleans after the last month of the regular season. Amundsen had earlier by heat (microblogging), the bull's attention. In spite of the heat from beginning to end didn't give him the contract, then the bull with 10 days of contract signing amundsen Nike Air Max 2011 Mens trial. But within 10 days, amundsen only played in 2 minutes in game 1, no any other data except a frontcourt rebound, this opportunity is too little, amundsen is unfavorable to him for his won a contract for next season. While the bulls to the amundsen offered a second contract ten days, but the latter do not intend to accept, he has decided Nike Air Max 2011 Womens to travel to New Orleans and get more playing time. Amundsen made 20 appearances this season began for the timberwolves, averaging 8.1 minutes and 1.6 points, 2.4 rebounds, but only shooting 36.8% from the free-throw line is as low as 20%. Sina sports - Beijing time on March 12, "ESPN" report, occasionally sometimes, dwyane wade - (microblogging) also can be nostalgic for old times, when he is at the heart of Miami [microblogs] there is no doubt that every ball, 20 to 25 shots a critical strike will kill, enemy.Yes, he's really like that feeling. One evening in early January, when wade Nike Air Max 2012 to 21 times, help the heat beat the mavericks elected, was asked if he can random shot longing for this day. "Yes, want to every day." Wade was candid, "I know very well if that is what I can to make achievements, Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 but it's ok. I make a decision in 2010 to give up that kind of privilege, I'd be happy to. I really miss those days, but I make sacrifices for the club, in order to win a victory." Wade, get it now, his team did gain the victory, in fact they had just hit a wave of 18 in a row. Although wade
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