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He told me it was like a swimming pool

Posted May 04 2010 9:11pm

He told me life was like a swimming pool. The difference he said is that in a pool the most important thing is how deep is the water. In life the most important thing is how deep you are in the water. It doesnt, he said, take a lot to drown.

Some things hold you up. Some things pull you down. We get in a lot of trouble when we cant tell which is which.

What happens he said is that too often the things we do to make it better make it worse….sometimes a lot worse. And we just are very reluctant to give up the things that “make it better.” Too many people try floating on cement bricks he said. He said he had found that out by his own personal experience. He had tried “hiding in shallow water”, but found out if you were carrying enough weight that no water was shallow enough.

I asked him for a final piece of advice. He stopped and thought for a moment. “Sinking boats dont save many lives. Just look at the Titanic. The biggest and best every made…..”

It made sense to me. Seemed worth sharing.

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