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Posted Aug 24 2008 2:11pm

So basically they're saying that I sound like a man on the phone? Well its either that or its been so long since I answered the home phone that people automatically expect to hear the Spousal Unit on other end when it is answered.

It however does nothing for my flagging sense of self, sexuality and sensuality...okay its not really flagging, if anything it has exploded onto the scene, but I thought that a bit of drama was needed just then :)

In med related news:

No sooner than I'm on the haloperidol I'm off it again, yay me!

It made me zombie like with my only thought of staying in bed and like I normally do I took the decision to come off of it before consulting my doctor before hand. Unlike normal times I consulted him the day after. I feel loads better already and the All Blacks are welcome back for a rematch. Yes yes incorrigible I am

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