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Grizzlies manager said to prince big deal says the deal just opened

Posted Feb 01 2013 2:29am
Beijing time on February 1,, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal business daily reported, involves Rudy gay three team six people just finished trading, grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace in an interview on Thursday to throw a blockbuster. In view of the grizzlies in the transaction to be awarded a Nike Air Max 2013 about $7.5 million worth of trade exception, so they most likely in the trading deadline have large trade action. "Finish another transaction possibility is very large, because get the transaction after the special case, we can not send any a their own players. Chris Wallace said in an interview, "we can now put the luxury tax burdens to other teams, we like. If you see a player and he is in the team was not too many opportunities, this $7.5 million trade exception can come in handy. In addition, he also revealed, respectively from the piston and the Toronto raptors trading of springs, DaiYe and Ed - Davis may have to wait until next Tuesday at home against the grizzlies game will come on stage. At present grizzlies to 29-15 negative record in the western conference in the fourth. Wallace also said, Memphis team on Friday Cheap Nike Air Max a2013 morning to decide whether to contract and Chris Johnson, for the latter's ten days a contract is about to expire. Although the grizzlies coach hollins and the veteran team do not want to happen again any deal, but Wallace but insisted that can get springs such experience, and have a championship experience player, will make hollins feel happy."If there is no springs as chip, we won't start the deal." Wallace said, "he is a very comprehensive veteran, not only won the NBA championship [micro bo], but also on behalf of the American men's basketball team won the gold medal in the Olympics. He knows how to become a successful athlete." And the prince to join with the grizzlies DaiYe, also is a good pitcher, outside of the season shooting can reach 52.5%. On his arrival, Wallace also feel very excited. "His athletic ability is very strong, power is very, this is our team is lack of." He finally said.Beijing time on February 1,, according to the American FOX sports report, Nike Air Max 2012 at present are actively recovery brandon - Roy, knee and hurt! The news of the season for the disabled full camp timberwolves, it is definitely icing on the cake. Because of a knee injury reason, Roy has announced his retirement in 2010. But in the last year the offseason, restore good he choose to return, and timberwolves signing. But because of being injured in pre-season, Roy since last November 9, and since no play. By the end of November, his right knee surgery again. After the operation Roy did not give up, he was still actively rehabilitation, looking forward to return as soon as possible. But in this week four accept FOX sports interview, he said that due to the recovery Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 in good condition, so in training last week suddenly choose dosage, the result is right knee and twisted. The injury to Roy's recovery will have much impact? At present is still unknown. And since he last November since surgery, outside of his recovery situation is little. Remember in December, timberwolves general manager David kahn in an interview had revealed that Roy will take three weeks time special therapy, but did not announce specific details. But in an interview on Thursday, Roy are nothing. "Now I can attend training." He said, "but we will work out a systematic schedule, hope I can return as soon as possible to play game.It is reported, Roy during in both often to timberwolves training arena. According to coach rick adelman said, Roy did not participate in the team's training. Along with the schedule has been more than half, and Roy injury news this season, see him again on Saturday opportunities may have is the small. But Roy and not think too far. "For what will happen in the future, I don't know," he said, "but I will continue to work hard, train hard recovery." According to the current situation of Roy, timberwolves next plan is not clear. Roy contract pay only this part of the season by
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